Being the fan of error messages that I am, I have of course seen pictures of bluescreens in airports. I even saw one myself, but that was several years ago (before I had my digital camera, sadly).

So, I was thrilled when I saw an error message on our way back from Tennessee! It’s not quite a bluescreen, but does raise some vendor concerns.

The text is difficult to see without zooming in, so here it is: the failing application is “radpinit.exe”; caption: “DLL Initialization Failed”; message: “The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down.” I think we’ve all seen that one before. :)

However, we haven’t all seen it from a component of Hewlett Packard’s Business Technology Optimization platform. Supposedly, “radpinit” is in charge of automated software deployment and updates.

It’s been many, many years since I’ve bought a computer and not wiped the entire hard drive within the first 24 hours. Sorry, but OEM software is just buggy to the hilt, and usually ad-ridden to boot. The usual procedure is to create the recovery disks, back up all the drivers (yes, I have bought computers where the recovery disks did not include the correct drivers!), copy all license keys, and then wipe everything.