This is an introductory post for a new series that I’ll be doing comparing BackgroundWorker to Task.Run (in an async style). I always recommend Task.Run, and I have already written a long post describing why, but I still see some developers resisting the New Way of Doing Things (TM). So this will be a short series where I’ll compare the code side-by-side in different scenarios and show why I think Task.Run is superior in every way.

To be clear, this series will show supported scenarios that both BackgroundWorker and async Task.Run were designed for. I won’t be picking on any scenarios that BackgroundWorker doesn’t support. Except today. :)

Scenarios Not Supported by BackgroundWorker

One of the design problems of BackgroundWorker is that the semantics get surprising when nesting; if you create (and start) a BackgroundWorker from within another BackgroundWorker, the events on the inner BackgroundWorker are raised on the thread pool. I explain why this happens in my SynchronizationContext article, complete with pretty pictures (don’t laugh! I worked hard on those!).

A similar problem is that BackgroundWorker doesn’t work well with async code. An async DoWork handler will exit early, causing the RunWorkerCompleted to fire before the method is completed.

Also, it’s difficult to call async code from within a (properly synchronous) DoWork; you either have to call Task.Wait or establish your own async-friendly synchronization context (e.g., AsyncContext).

On the other hand, Task.Run does support these scenarios: nesting, async delegates, and calling async code are all perfectly natural.

This is really just because the design of BackgroundWorker is dated. It was fine for its time, but it was obviously skipped over when Microsoft was updating the BCL with async support. That should tell us something.

As we go through this series, I hope to convince other developers that BackgroundWorker really is dead at this point and should not be used for new development. In every situation, a solution based on Task.Run will produce cleaner code.