Last year ended in a very busy fashion. I ended up not getting my MCPD/Enterprise, though I did take the WCF test. Furthermore, with my new job and other responsibilities, getting the MCPD/Enterprise is no longer of a high enough priority to warrant the time.

Regarding the new year (2010), expect some of my posts to take a web-based turn. Up until this point, I’ve almost entirely done desktop applications with a little dabbling in Silverlight. Starting in the next few days, however, I’ll be transitioning a web site to ASP.NET; and I’ll be kept busy in the foreseeable future maintaining it.

Of course, my desktop days are not over. The web site is only an additional responsibility; my day job is entirely desktop-based, so there will be plenty of multithreading and asynchronous posts (especially as VS2010 is released), as well as adding to the TCP/IP FAQ.