My MCPD logo has been updated to include my new ASP.NET and Enterprise certifications. They were the result of a Crazy Saturday.

This last Saturday, February 20th, there was a fundraising dinner in Grand Rapids for the Constitution Party. Since we were going to be in town anyway, we figured I should go ahead and take a couple of certification exams. (Grand Rapids is ~3.5 hours away from our house, and that’s where the closest testing center is). Due to various difficulties, I had almost no time to prepare for the exams.

Due to a scheduling bug on Prometric’s website, I was able to schedule overlapping exams. I originally planned to take three exams (just getting the Enterprise certification), but trimmed it down to two because I didn’t want the stress. Leaving the house at 5:30am, we got to the testing center right when they opened at 9:30.

After taking 70-561 (TS: ADO.NET) and 70-562 (TS: ASP.NET), I still had a bit of time. The “expected time” for those exams was 3:45 and 3:30, respectively, but it was only 11:45 when I finished (including a break for breakfast).

The test administrators were really nice and suggested that I “quick-test” another one… if I could help them figure out how to do it using their Prometric control panel application. I decided to try to take both remaining tests, which would save me a trip down in March. The only catch was that I had to finish the next test in a very short time, because the last test had to start by 1pm (it was 3 hours long and the testing center closed at 4:00).

Fortunately, I finished 70-565 (PRO: Enterprise) in about 45 minutes, with just enough time to schedule 70-564 (PRO: ASP.NET). I had a full three hours for that exam, but ended up leaving at around 1:45pm. By that time, I was hungry. :)

My wife was pleased when I told her that I had taken four tests instead of two that day, meaning that March 13th would now be spent at home instead of in Grand Rapids. I was a little wiped out during the fundraising dinner, though.

Four exams; total “expected time” of 13:15; completed in a little over four hours; earning two MCPD certifications. Crazy Saturday!

Even if my previous experience hadn’t taught me, this last weekend sure would have: Jesus Christ is an awesome God to serve! He assisted me in each step of this process, and I encourage any of my readers to get to know Him! If you’re interested in knowing Him, the first step is getting saved. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!