Like several other people, I collect tricky code snippets for fun. Today’s image is courtesy of the Common Type System (part of the CLR). As such, it’s not so much an artifact of the C# language as it is an artifact of the floating point standard.

Interestingly, the current version of ReSharper recommended a code transformation that is wrong.

Don’t get me wrong; ReSharper is a great tool. This is the first time I’ve seen it make a mistake, and it’s an obscure corner case. ReSharper did make another questionable recommendation a few weeks ago, and I felt the C# standard wasn’t clear on the subject. However, Eric Lippert did confirm that ReSharper’s refactoring was correct that time.

Update, 2013-04-11:

Jon Skeet explores ReSharper’s mistake around double NaN near the end of his recent presentation. He also throws a lot of other crazy situations at Re# trying to break it. Fun stuff!