I’ve been out of touch the last month. A whole lot of stuff going on!

I gave notice at my last job and spent a crazy amount of time training my replacements, taking three weeks instead of the customary two. I hadn’t realized I had so many responsibilities: I was the sole developer/maintainer for 6 .NET libraries, 11 .NET applications, 16 firmware projects, and a bit of miscellaneous IT (running the Mercurial server)! Wow.

Then, shortly after I started at my new job, my son was in the hospital for a week (unfortunately cancelling our anniversary trip), and then my wife and I took a birthday trip to Canada the next week. Good thing my new boss is a patient guy!

Oh, and I refinanced my house somewhere in there, too.

Anyway, I’ve resumed “normal” life - more or less - this last week or so, and will hopefully be able to resume blogging with some regularity.