I have uploaded the slides for the talk I gave this morning at ThatConference 2013, entitled “Making the Best of the Short Bunk: Scaling Your Servers with Async/Await”. This was a highly technical async/await talk that focused specifically on the server side.

This talk specifically was not an intro to async/await. If you need an intro, I recommend starting with my intro blog post and following up with the links at the bottom (in particular, don’t ignore the MSDN docs; they’re actually quite good!). An intermediate-level followup is my MSDN article Best Practices in Asynchronous Programming.

The server-side async/await talk that I gave today did assume about that level of knowledge, and dove into the details of how async and await are used on the server side (mostly ASP.NET, but a lot of the information and techniques apply to any kind of server).

I decided to upload the full PowerPoint file instead of just the slides, so you have access to all my notes and stuff. If you attended the talk, you’ll find that I skipped the last section (ran out of time); the last section is an overview of various frameworks and libraries describing their current level of async support. Thanks to all who came, and let me know if you have any questions!