This year at GRDevDay 2014 I was honored to present two sessions.

The slides and demo code are now available! Please note that there are some hidden slides with additional information that I had to remove for time considerations, so even if you came to the talks, there’s some helpful stuff in the slides.

Introduction to async on ASP.NET was a pretty well-attended talk (~30 people). It covered how asynchronous requests work in ASP.NET, how async/await work in C#, and how async/await work specifically with ASP.NET.

Asynchronous? Parallel? Reactive? HELP! was a very well-attended talk (~45 people, standing-room only). It was a gentle introduction to various forms of concurrency: parallel processing (using the Parallel class and PLINQ), asynchronous code (using async/await), reactive coding (using Rx), and an overview of TPL Dataflow. If you ever wondered when to use which, take a look at this one.

I did record both talks, but have not had the time to do post-production. I’ll update here and on Twitter when (if) I get around to it. :)