I’m pleased to announce that I’m speaking at the MVP Virtual Conference in a couple of weeks. My session is called “Surviving in an Async-First Development World”, and it’s kind of like a “catch-up” session for devs who haven’t had a chance to use async and await yet.

I gave a similar talk a few weeks ago at GRDevDay, where I tried a much less slide-oriented and more demo-oriented talk. Based on the feedback from that talk, I’ve decided to make my MVP talk with even fewer slides - literally, there’ll just be a handful at the beginning, and all the rest of it will be done with live coding.

Also, my goal for this talk is to have it be very heavily influenced by Q&A - I have a few primary points to cover, but there will be considerable leeway for devs to steer the presentation with their own questions. Vidya Agarwal is acting as moderator for this session, and I’m sure we’ll give him plenty of work to do. :)

If you feel this session would be helpful for your colleagues (or just want a refresher yourself), you can register online. It’s entirely free!

Update, 2015-06-02: Video is now available.