Well, I think it’s about time our app did something!

The official TodoMVC application specification says we’re supposed to create a TODO item if the user types in the input box at the top and then tabs out of it.

Let’s do it!

Getting the Dispatcher

Redux provides a way to get a dispatch method passed to our view components. Currently, our Main view component looks like this:

function Main() {

With Redux, we can use the connect method to notify the Provider that we will need the dispatch method. Main now looks like this (in main.jsx):

function MainImpl({dispatch}) {
const Main = connect()(MainImpl);

This code would be a bit cleaner if we were defining Main in its own file. And we will, shortly. :)

Using the Dispatcher

Now, when the user tabs off that input field, we want to:

  • Read the text of that field.
  • Pass that text to our ADD_TODO action creator, which returns us an ADD_TODO action.
  • Pass that ADD_TODO action to dispatch.

I’m going to just do this all inline for now. The old JSX element:

<input className="new-todo" placeholder="What needs to be done?" autoFocus/>

and the new JSX element:

<input className="new-todo" placeholder="What needs to be done?" autoFocus onBlur={e => dispatch(TodoActions.add(e.target.value))}/>

And now, our application can actually create a todo!

Seeing It in Action

Our application doesn’t actually display the todo items yet, but we can see the results in our Redux DevTools:

There you can see the ADD_TODO action that we created, and the result that it had on the application state (namely, adding a todo). We can expand that state:

and see that the new todo item was added with the text I typed in, and with a completed value of false.

It’s working! :)

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